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Transit Gigs aims to bring together, standardize, and streamline the process of discovering entry to mid-level transit jobs. Our platform gathers all transit job opportunities in one convenient location, offering clarity, information, and highlighting the benefits of a career in bus transportation. Our ultimate vision is to create a world where the search and hiring process for transit jobs are consistent and standardized across the industry.
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Make Transit Bigger By Making It Smaller
Make Transit Bigger By Making It Smaller
Culture said that you had to be an influencer, have a fancy degree, or have some sort of pretentious title to be successful.

As a result, we now have a generation looking for purpose, and financial prosperity in locations where it does not consistently exist.

I believe transportation can be the catalyst for unlocking fulfillment, generational wealth, stability and success in most peoples lives, because it unlocked it in mine.

My prayer Is that Transit Gigs can act as the bridge for those looking for a practical pathway to a prosperous life

I encourage you to join us on this journey

-Patrick Parents| Founder & Former Transit Operator

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