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We Help The People Who Move The People

No CDL Needed

No CDL, no sweat! Dive into our non-CDL pool and start raking in the cash. Or level up with Transit GIGS' free monthly CDL classes – get your license in just 30 days and earn even more

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The Basics

The Flexible Approach to Traditional Bus Jobs

Customize your availability or keep it open 24/7. Accept or decline Gigs based on your schedule. It's all about flexibility on your terms.

Clock in remotely, train, perform pre-trips, and chat with dispatch - all on your mobile device. Streamline your tasks and stay connected wherever you go!

Join Transit Gigs and drive nationwide. Experience freedom and flexibility without seniority constraints. Earn wherever and whenever you are.

Benefit from  discounts, fast payouts, free career development, fitness and nutrition workshops, plus bonus rewards. Elevate your gig game with all these perks!

What Type Of GIGS are there?

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Public Transportation

This encompasses traditional city or county transit routes, as well as airport and college shuttles. 

School Transportation

These opportunities include certified school bus routes, sports and athletic charters, and exciting field trips.

Private Transportation

These Gigs range from motor coach and over-the-road trips to limousine buses and other private transportation services.


These opportunities encompass paratransit, micro transit, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), sprinter vans, hotel shuttles, and workforce transportation.

Are You Ready?


  1. City's Driving Age:
    Cruise into our driver's seat by meeting the minimum driving age set by your city.

  2. Driving XP Required:
    Level up with at least one year of driving experience under your belt.

  3. Background Check Cleared:
    Let's ensure your driving history is as smooth as your ride. You'll need to ace our background check.

Document Checklist:

Before you rev up for the signup process, make sure you've got these documents in your glovebox:

  • Valid Driver's License:
    Your ticket to the open road.

  • Residency Proof:
    Show us you're a local legend with a document confirming your residency in your city, state, or province.

  • Insurance (if you're bringing your ride):
    Planning to roll in your own wheels? Show us your insurance papers.

Ready to Roll? Follow These Steps:

  1. Submit Your Docs:
    Snap and send over your required documents along with a recent photo.

  2. Background Check Deets:
    Give us the lowdown for a background check that's as seamless as your driving style.

Once you're in gear and meet our criteria, we'll accelerate your application process. Let's hit the road together! 🚗💨

Getting Started