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Leverage LinkedIn


In 2020, I was a bus driver. By 2024, I had transformed into a startup founder, traversing the country, securing venture capital, and establishing client accounts across 12 states.

How did I achieve all of this without formal business education, capital, or prior expertise? By harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn, I propelled my career to unimaginable heights, and you can too!

Join us on Saturday, April 20th, for a Lunch and Learn session! Indulge in some delicious food while we delve into how you, as a bus operator, can leverage LinkedIn to unlock your next opportunity


Join Us! It's Free and It Has Food!


So...what do you wanna talk about?

  • "Discover the secrets to crafting eye-catching and optimized LinkedIn profiles that impress recruiters.
  • Unlock the keys to crafting meaningful posts, content, and contributions in your field.
  • Discover the art of building a powerful network and connection group

Join us for an interactive workshop where you'll learn how to stand out on LinkedIn, create impactful content, and cultivate meaningful relationships to maximize your career prospects. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your professional presence and chart a successful career path!